Danielle K.
Sam S.
“ Jeremy Harmon is the definition of the word motivational. He taught me how the use of education changes the mindset of a person and transforms how the individual perceives you as a person. Together we all need to join Jeremy and learn how to solve our own problems with other people through education, and not through anger.”
“ Instead of being upset about your disorder, Jeremy decided to educate people about his stuttering disorder. If everyone like you decided to educate people about their disorders then everyone would be more accepting to people that have disabilities, which would help put an end to bullying.”
Thomas A.- Netherlands
Hill T. - Texas

“Jeremy’s education did not just change my point of view of stuttering; it changed my view of disabilities as a whole. Through Jeremy’s active education I know that everyone with a disability just has an obstacle to overcome not a problem or anything that made him or her not intelligent to overcome. Jeremy is a perfect example of someone that overcame an obstacle and now is helping other people to overcome their own challenges and be in the same place as he today. Thank you Jeremy for showing us that nothing is unachievable.”

“ Jeremy’s education about stuttering showed me if you have an obvious problem or disability you should never change who you are because of your disability. I am a person who stutters myself and I learned from Jeremy that you should not be scared to show yourself or open up to other people. If they do not respect you, educate them, if that does not work, leave them behind and they are not worth interacting with anymore.”
Eldad K.- Indiana 
Cihan M. - Turkey 
"I have never met anyone as intellectual as Jeremy. He has the type of personality that is loved by everyone. Even though Jeremy has a speech impediment, he never lets that interfere with him living his life to the fullest. We should accept everyone with disabilities into our communities and not treat them any differently than someone without a disability.”
“Jeremy made me realize that people are the same. Stuttering or any other thing should not judge them. Everybody is unique and everybody has the right to be him or herself."
Abudulaziz F.- Saudi Arabia 
Jay T.- Texas