Dr. Diane Polledri
Clinical Supervisor of Communication Sciences and Disorders Program
Montclair State University

“ When Jeremy spoke to my graduate level Fluency Disorders class his stories about stuttering were alternately humorous and heartbreaking, and shared with honesty and wit. There is no doubt that he not only charmed these future speech language pathologists but provided them with invaluable information that will do more than improve their effectiveness in treating stuttering but also gain an understanding of how communication is more about what we say than how we say it.”

Jill Bandemer
Casting Director at E Entertainment

It was very inspiring to see such strength and wisdom as Jeremy courageously stood up and spoke up to people who didn’t understand what he was experiencing. To see such boldness in bringing awareness to people is both touching and motivating. Jeremy will truly go far and will help change the world.”

Bernie DeGraw
Director of the University of Texas Summer Discovery Program

”Jeremy’s presentation about stuttering to the University of Texas Summer Discovery Program was truly exceptional. Our students were engaged, focused and they enjoyed having Jeremy with us. It was in every way, inspirational and educational.”

Jennifer Star

Former Teacher of the Deaf

If there were more people in this world like you, we would be living in a better world.  Your video and educative material was educational, motivational and spiritual. I love how your generous heart did not allow anger to overcome you, instead you took those who picked on you and you educated them. You did not let people’s ignorance and stupidity take away your smile however you turned insecure people into better ones by giving them the chance to learn and grow. You took a speech impediment that you have and used it as a learning tool for tolerance, kindness, compassion, and basic humanity. Jeremy Harmon  you are what  I call a TEACHER.”

Joan Ross

Co Leader of Central Jersey National Stuttering Association Chapter


“Hearing you use stuttering as an educational gateway was very uplifting and eye opening. Your positivity toward reaching out and helping people to understand stuttering, rather than feeling hatred towards it, is something more people need to strive to do. Therefore, this world will be a more accepting and less hurtful environment for everyone with challenges to overcome.”

Graduate Student at Kean University

“When Jeremy came to talk to my graduate class, the word that came to mind when describing him is POWER. Jeremy is such an amazingly powerful young man who has the ability to influence everyone around him with his knowledge and success."

Graduate Student at Kean University

“ Hearing you speak to my graduate class gave me a whole new perspective about stuttering. When I become a speech language pathologist I know I will use your perspective when interacting with my clients.”